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Get the best body of your life!

By Christmas Abbott

Learn my top tips to shed fat, build strength, and shift your mindset for a long-term healthy lifestyle change

Get strong, build your confidence and start a healthy new lifestyle

Supportive community to ask questions, discuss and keep you motivated

Lifetime access from all devices and 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Force: The 100 Day Challenge

What you will get:

  • Highly effective BBX workouts that I coach you through in real time
  • Flexible, personalized diet plans designed for your individual body type
  • Structured 5-stage training plan to help you shed fat, build strength and get a lean, toned look
  • Train for only 30-40 minutes a day and see amazing results
  • Learn how to integrate healthy eating into your busy life with simple, easy-to-follow video lessons
  • Suitable for all abilities - 3 alternative levels for every exercise
  • Train any time, anywhere with zero equipment and seven-minute workout options
  • PDF guides to meal planning, grocery shopping, portion sizing and much more
  • Motivation coaching to keep you on track
  • Fun mini-challenges to build your confidence and help you get into the badass mindset
  • Meditation sessions and yoga stretches to help you focus and destress
  • Available on all devices - train anywhere with your laptop, phone or iPad
  • BONUS #1: Ask me your individual questions in my interactive Q&A sessions
  • BONUS #2: Get full access to two of my previous BBX challenges
  • BONUS #3: Join the inspiring global BBX community

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Over 12,429 people all over the world are transforming their bodies and minds with BBX

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Frequently Asked Questions

No problem at all! Just contact my team any time within the first 30 days, and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. I’m pretty confident you’ll love BBX… but if you don’t, whatever reason, I’m happy to give you your money back. So there’s nothing to lose by giving it a try!
Inside the online platform, you can see your whole BBX Force workout plan laid out in weeks and days. Just click on Day 1 and you'll see your first warm-up, workout and cooldown - all you need to do is click through the lessons and follow along with the videos! My plan has five workout days a week and two rest days. If you need to, you should feel free to swap them around to suit your schedule! As long as you fit in your five workouts per week, you can do them whenever is best for you.
A lot of the exercises only use your bodyweight, so you can do them anywhere you want! I’ve even included some Zero Equipment workouts, so you always have an option when you’re on the go. But remember, we don’t just do one style of exercise! The best way to get fit is to mix things up. For the other exercises, I recommend that you have access to a yoga mat, some dumbbells or kettlebells (whatever weight you feel comfortable with - I suggest starting out with 2.5kg in each hand), a bench or sturdy chair, a medicine ball and a jump rope. If you’re missing any of this equipment, there are usually alternative movements you can do as a replacement!
Of course! Almost all my BBX members have jobs, families, and countless other commitments, But they’ve still achieved incredible success. Trust me, your life doesn’t have to revolve around fitness to get amazing results - you just need the right training system, one that gets you maximum results from every minute of effort. This challenge is designed for real people, who can’t just spend all day working out and prepping fancy meals. It’s all about being realistic and flexible. You can do all the workouts at home, so you can fit them in any time you like, and you’ll save loads of time travelling to the gym. You only have to work out for 30-40 minutes a day, five times a week - and even that is just my suggested plan. If you need to swap in some shorter workouts from the Boost library, or take an extra rest day, that’s absolutely fine. Even if you just get off the couch and work out for seven minutes, you’re a million miles ahead of people who don’t even try! The nutrition course includes a simple meal planning system that will save you so much time and stress, and you’ve got all my favorite quick and easy recipes and meal ideas. Invest a little bit of effort upfront to learn these skills, and you’ll be amazed how much time you end up saving!
Absolutely! My BBX system isn’t prescriptive about what to eat - it’s about following a few core principles and using some clever tricks to control your food intake and portion sizes. Within that, you’re totally free to choose what you want to eat. And my recipe PDFs include plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options!
Absolutely! BBX Force is suitable for all abilities, from complete beginners to advanced athletes. Every exercise in the program has three alternative difficulty levels, so you can choose whichever one is best for you and then gradually up the difficulty as you make more progress. BBX Engine also includes tips on how to scale workouts to your individual ability and move at your own pace. My programs are all about pushing your own limits. I will give you a detailed tutorial on how to do every movement, including technique tips and advice on avoiding common mistakes - so don’t worry if you’ve never tried something like this before! You might not be fit when you start, but you definitely will be when you finish.
I’m guessing you’ve tried other fitness programs in the past, and been disappointed. But trust me, BBX is like nothing you’ve seen before. You’ll have me as your virtual personal trainer, encouraging you through every workout. You’ll have my badass mindset to help you get and stay motivated, and my practical advice on how to deal with setbacks and difficult situation. I’ve helped thousands of clients overcome their barriers and I can help you too. And on top of that, you’ll get to join the most supportive and inspiring community I could imagine. You’ll be able to share your successes, ask for advice and connect with others in the Facebook community whenever you need - we’re always here for you. My BBX members have made real, lasting friendships through the community, and they’re so good about checking in and keeping each other on track! Staying motivated is a million times easier when you don’t have to do it alone.
We all get started together on April 30th! It’s going to be so much fun doing the whole program as a team. I can’t wait! But if you buy the challenge now, don’t worry - you’ll get instant access to all your content. You can get started with the nutrition program and mindset training straight away! You can also browse through the 100-day program and try out some of the new exercises and workouts before the challenge starts.