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Get A Flatter Stomach, Tight Booty And Lean Legs

By Christmas Abbott

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6-Week Challenge to get a toned, lean body in the New Year

Supportive community to ask questions, discuss and keep you motivated

Lifetime access from all devices and 100% satisfaction guaranteed

BBX Boost - 6 Week Challenge

What you will get:

  • A fun & unique 6 week workout challenge to become stronger, get a flatter stomach, toned booty and lean legs
  • Christmas Abbott's proven BBX workout system for not just a great body, but a long-term lifestyle change
  • Customizable 3-level structure for every movement so the workouts are most effective for your fitness level
  • 156+ highly effective HD video exercises and workout routines to target your entire body
  • NEW in-depth video coaching by Christmas Abbott on nutrition, mindset & motivation
  • NEW meditation sessions and yoga stretches to stretch and reflect with Christmas
  • NEW circuit types to fuel your progress, including 7 minute boosts, 100 rep workouts and Zero Equipment routines
  • Your Personal Progress Dashboard and downloadable PDF tracking sheets to keep track of your amazing results
  • Step-by-step exercise technique instructions tailored to your fitness level
  • Only 30-40 minutes of highly effective workouts per day to suit your busy lifestyle
  • Available on all devices - train anywhere using your laptop, phone or iPad
  • Join a Global Community of inspiring and powerful badasses
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee - no hard feelings or hassle
  • BONUS #1: Free 123+ page interactive eBook with 6 weeks of workouts PLUS Christmas's nutrition, mindset and workout advice
  • BONUS #2: Lifetime access to the BBX New Year's Boost 6 Week Challenge and all workouts included
  • BONUS #3: Exclusive 30 Day FREE Access of the BBX Master Membership, with the BBX 90 Day Program, the chance to ask Christmas your questions and loads more exclusive content

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My Challenges have helped over 11,256 men and women transform their bodies!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It draws on Christmas Abbott’s eleven years of experience as a best-selling author, CrossFit® competitor, gym owner and social media fitness star. You get a proven training system which has already helped over 12,000 people, with brand new workout routines and movement levels. You only have to spend 30-40 minutes working out, five days a week, to get unbelievable results. You’ll also have a personal progress dashboard which shows you exactly where you are in the challenge and the progress you’ve made towards your goal. AND you’ll get to become part of a global community which supports you and pushes you harder than you could ever push yourself!
No problem! You’ve got a full 30 day money back guarantee. So if you decide BBX isn’t for you, just drop me an email at support@passion.io within 30 days and we’ll arrange your refund. No hard feelings!
YES! Every movement is broken down into three difficulty levels so the workouts are suitable for everyone - no matter what their current skill level. You might not be fit when you start - but you will be when you finish!
A lot of the movements only use your bodyweight, so you can do them anywhere without any special equipment! For some of the workouts, we recommend that you have access to a yoga mat, some dumbbells or kettlebells with a weight you feel comfortable with, a bench or sturdy chair, a medicine ball and a jump rope. Some of the warm-ups and stretches also include a resistance band and a roller. But don’t worry - if you’re missing any of this equipment, there are usually alternative moments you can do as a replacement! You also have a huge range of workouts in the library to choose from, so you can just choose ones which don’t require equipment to do at home on the days when you can’t make it to the gym.
Hell NO! This is for anyone who wants to change for the better. No matter your age, gender or where you are in the world, BBX salutes you for making a positive change in your life!
For sure! A 30- or 90-day challenge is an awesome way to kickstart a positive change in your life, but it's just the beginning. After everything you've achieved in the challenge, you don't want to start slipping backwards! The BBX 6-Week Boost is the perfect way to build on that foundation and turn it into a sustainable long-term lifestyle change.